As featured in Dressage Today magazine, Diane's beloved Jesse's severe deep flexor tendon injury has successfully healed. Following stem cell treatment and two years of careful rehabilitation, he is back to full work after a bleak diagnosis, two major setbacks and only walking and trotting for 24 months. Heartfelt thanks to Drs. Mark Martinelli and Norman Rantanan for their diagnostic and stem cell expertise, Dr. Sylvia Greenman for her rehab brilliance, Vet Stem for their cutting edge stem cell lab, Alberto Amura for his gifted Reiki hands and words of wisdom, David Dru for his innovative Holofiber leg wraps and family and friends for their much needed love and support. And, above all, thank you God for lighting the way before us on this challenging and spiritual journey. For in-depth details, please click on the Dressage Today story. Reprinted with permission from Dressage Today. To subscribe, go to (December, 2008)

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